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• 8/7/2013

GC Illustrated.

Yet another message from me, Psi. This one is to organise all my wiki-works into one place be they still-frame CG images or full animations. As the GC trailer is a big project, i'll need to dedicate a lot of time to it. That's where this thing comes in: If you have suggestions, challenges or comissions for the artists of GC, you can post them here in the comments section.

The GC cinematic trailer is still open for discussion here.

Still Images


Planet Atavin. First Full planet.


Animations are any works that can be manipulated to form moving pictures. Any form of animation vids can be posted: from drawn to CG.

The works for the cinematic trailer are devided into Projects:

Project: LightRoom

LightRoom is the first seen in the trailer that involves a dark, hooded figure activating a holographic interface in a room to show an image of a planet under siege by Ghorax ships.

The events in order are:

  • Let There Be Light!
  • Planet of Pure Light.

Project: TreeMan

TreeMan revolves around a race of diminutive sapient primates. They are the main focus of the seconds seen as we see them evolve from tree dwellers (hence the name) into a tribal society.

The events in order are:

  • Hunting in the trees.
  • Escape from GreenDragon.
  • Settling down.
  • Dreams of the SkyRider.

Project: GreenDragon

GreenDragon is a scene that crosses with TreeMan. It involves a carnivorous theropod-athropod mix attacking a small group of Zhalkadinn. The scene is relatively short and it only appears one other time in the sub-scene "Dream of the SkyRider".

The events follow:

  • Attack of the Dragon.
  • Dream of the SkyRider. (Cave-Painting)

Project: CaveDweller

Project: SkyRider

Project: DemonCloud

Project: SpaceRing



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• 8/5/2013
What about the GC Trailer...? We seem to have forgotten about that...
• 8/5/2013
All of this is the setup for the trailer. All the different Projects will be brought together in the end product.
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