Using this forum

Below are some guidelines to creating a pitch:

  • Create a separate discussion when making your pitch. Please do not post your pitch on an existing discussion.
  • Make your pitch as detailed as you can. Avoid any sort of loose ends.
  • Pitches are only required if this is your first time using this wiki. If this is not your first time, the Planning Board would be a better area to discuss your ideas.
  • Please take a look at the various guides to get an idea of what we expect.

Recommended guides

What not to pitch

  • Creations that bear a high resemblance to another science fiction/fantasy work. That means no fan fiction either.
  • Societies that idealize your own personal beliefs. This also includes demonizing societies that are against your beliefs.
  • Ideas with no scientific basis.
  • Portraying Earth or humanity as the most important of all in the entire universe.