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• 7/29/2013

Phase I discussion

This is for discussion about Phase I of Chaos Crisis. Be cautious as these contain spoilers.

New info:

  • Umbra is an actually an Omni in hiding. His physical self is in an underground bunker on Debesis. He assists the Altusian Brotherhood in searching for Vern, but is against Infra's end goals. While Umbra wants to revive Vern to bring back the Omni Empire, Infra wants it for power. Umbra would eventually become one of Sidian's drones, but would work to resist it.
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• 7/30/2013

Just throwing up a few things about Humanity at this time.

If I'm right...this is taking place in 2142. Robert Sterling would have just been found by the Eteno aboard the collapsing Selene's Promise.

The Orion Alliance has more than likely been proposed, creating the foundation of what would later be the Humanity Expanse.

Atlas Enterprises opens up relationships to other races through contracts with major shipyards and developing plants. Increasing their budget, also Thomas Edward Reardon is now officially 43 Years Old. If I did the math right.

Vegas De Costa is born either this year or five years before, still deciding.

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