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• 3/30/2016

Importing process and other stuff

So as most of you know, most of the work that's been going on with the new site has been all about importing articles from across all wikias and labeling them with their respective settings. I've mostly been doing either my own articles, the articles of active users (specifically ones that are used in crossovers) or general articles that play an important role in the overall continuity. However, as I've been combing these wikias for content to import, I've thought of a few questions for all of you:

  • Should archived articles be imported? Since the original authors of these are no longer active, if they do get imported, then they'll have to be restructured as something new.
  • Do you want me to assist in importing Infinite Histories articles? I haven't done much there, but I'm aware that Atra Mors and Romanum are the most active timelines.
  • For articles that I did not create, do you want me to change them around to fit the continuity if they are out of date?
  • What other site features would you like to see? If you found an extension you want to see implemented, post the link to it below. (For the bugged blog system, I have yet to receive a response after asking for help for about two weeks so I'll have to look for a different extension.)
  • Lastly, I've been thinking of adding a new namespace titled "Essay". I got this idea from all those analyses that Suppy did on warfare, and I figure that because we primarily use blogs to make temporary announcements, anything that's essay-like should deserve some way of being found more easily rather than sifting through older irrelevant blogs. Basically, these essays can be about anything such as warfare commentary like Suppy has been doing, about writing cliches, or perhaps even about your own creations so that you can explain where you got your inspiration from. What makes them different from regular articles is that they can be written in a personal style so that you can get out info that would otherwise not conform to the encyclopedic style of the rest of the wiki.

Also, about the whole changing backgrounds depending on categories, after some research, I've found that it's definitely possible, but it will require the creation of a custom skin. It will just be a matter of me figuring out how to actually code it. For now, the priority is still importing articles since we still need content to look at, but I'll keep working and trying to figure things out.

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• 4/1/2016

All good to know. I like the idea of having essays, that might be interesting to work with. As for archived articles, they're archived for a reason - if their creators are no longer present or they aren't part of our new continuity, I don't really see why we should import them. 

• 4/2/2016

Fair enough on the archived articles. Less work overall, so taking that into account, importation for Erudite Tales is almost complete. For Galactic Crucibles and Myth Galaxy, I'm still deciding on how to handle the articles that appear in both settings, but right now I'm thinking that if the MG articles are similar enough, they would redirect to their GC counterparts given that GC seems to be the type of setting that would have more technical info.

For the essays, I'll go ahead and create the namespace. I don't have any to upload myself at the moment, but I'll put some up if come up with any new ideas.

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