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• 6/5/2016

New Forum Launched!

The Omniverse Nexus site now has a forum feature! The extension is still in beta (as in, the creators of this extension haven't actually finished it yet) and stylewise, aesthetics isn't my forte, but the new site now has a discussion board. If you guys find it to be user friendly enough, we could very well be able to move away from wikia for good. Your feedback is essential. I need to know what kind of forums you want or any other features you might find more convenient.

So here's the forum itself:

I also created a separate forum for all things related to Light World:

Blog pages are still nonfunctional though and I'm thinking it's probably best to get rid of them entirely in favor of this new forum. Also, I still have account creation disabled so let me know if you want to make an account.

Lastly, there's a new role called forum admin. I promoted Tim to one so that he can edit the Light World threads.

In other news:

  • The chat system now has smileys. Try some out!
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• 6/6/2016

Awesome news! Now we can share news and information outside of the Wikia sites!

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