"My scientists were successful in building the first rocket. The only flaw in the design was that it his the wrong planet."
―Altus Banya
Altus Banya
Infra in his royal attire; ceremonial horns and armor
Species Vaikan
Gender male

King Altus Banya the Tyrant was a former Vaikan king known for his brutality. He has the reputation for being one of the most successful conquerors in Vaikan history, having annexed the entirety of Ucharpli. After the Yallvus Revolution, he vanished. King Rustiagon Dralla reformed the empire he built.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Banya has long white hair like a Foth Vaikan. Banya's royal attire is a set of spiky armor, a great polearm as well as ceremonial horns. Such horns, by Vaikan tradition are a symbol of power.

Unlike common Vaikan who possess juvenile traits most of their lives, Banya modified himself to remove such traits making himself look far more intimidating. Thus, he is taller than most Vaikan. This physical cue is evocative of maturity, experience and leadership.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Banya is extremely charismatic and intelligent, speaking in a rhythm that easily sways others to his beliefs. He is masterful at the art of propaganda and debate known for convincing powerful figures to submit to his will. He is a well-intentioned extremist and thinks highly of technology, believing that with his knowledge, he can advance all civilization to that of the gods.

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