Galactic Crucibles

Krayfish Krayfish 17 March 2017

The New Galactic Crucibles

This recent reunion has lately got me thinking about what to do with all of our stuff so far. As some of you may know, I have user registration on the new site temporarily closed due to spam attacks (just post here if you want to create an account and I'll reenable it). But I've lately been getting ideas on how to reboot the Galactic Crucibles continuity on the new site so that it'll be much more structured and cohesive.

My attempt is to unite as many user creations as I can into a single continuity. That is, combine the Myth Galaxy and Galactic Crucibles settings into one so that we can avoid having any duplicate articles. (Suppy, let me know if you want Tapestry of Stars to be part of this, too.) I don't want to remove too many artic…

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Mr.Robbo Mr.Robbo 14 March 2017

A Toast to the Omniverse

Galactic Cruicbles was founded on the 14th of March 2012.

Or the 13th of March, if TV Tropes is to be believed. The wiki says Kray, Nra and Suppy all 'joined' on the 14th, so maybe there's some technicality like time zones involved, or maybe the Tropes page just needs editing.

But what's a day to 5 years?

I won't go much into the history of the wiki since, to be honest, I'm far too inexperienced in the life and times of GC to even know where to start. I could never do justice to the vast span of what we've created in a single blog post.

Needless to say, I'm sure we all have fond memories of what we've done here. The constant retcons. The many hiatuses (followed by the obligatory 'I have returned!' blog post). The long IRC chats. The myriad set…

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Krayfish Krayfish 1 January 2017

Happy 2017!


Now that it's the start of 2017, I'll post some New Year's Resolutions:

  • 1 Light World
  • 2 Erudite Tales
  • 3 Revisiting Galactic Crucibles
  • 4 Nexus website
  • 5 Conclusion

So those of you who have been active all know about this one. This project has been going on since 2014, but this year, I expect to make a lot of progress. A playable story demo should be available around the end of January and beginning of February.

Later this year, I will add all the combat encounters, and the final art assets will come soon after. The game should be close to completion by the end of this year with a final release coming in 2018.

I've also got plenty of non-Nexus games and mods, so I'll be working on those as well, but as the present, Light World is curren…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Hope it's a good one :)

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 17 July 2016

Going on vacation

So, we're going on vacation for about a week, starting tomorrow, and I don't think I'll have Internet access for that time. I hope I'll be able to make any contributions during my time away, but I doubt I'll be able to do much. Just so that this isn't a complete waste of time Nexus-wise, I'll try to spend that time thinking up ideas for Light World and Heroic Ages. Anyway, see you in about a week!

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Krayfish Krayfish 20 June 2016

Light World - Sleepy Status Update 3

With the forums on the new site now operational, I've uploaded a new blog post. You can read it here.

Let me know if you are having technical difficulties with the site. As mentioned last time, the forum plugin is still in beta so it may be a little buggy. For those of you having trouble viewing it, here's the blog:

  • 1 Original blog
  • 2 Programming
  • 3 Audio
    • 3.1 More music links
  • 4 Graphics
  • 5 Story
  • 6 Release
  • 7 Marketing
  • 8 Connection to the Omniverse Nexus
  • 9 Conclusion
  • 10 Videos

Greetings and welcome to another Sleepy Status Update. This time around, I'm going to give some in depth details of what's going on. See the previous blog post "Sleepy Status Update 2" if you would like to see the artwork and music so far.

It's really difficult to say just how complete the g…

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WikiBuilder1147 WikiBuilder1147 31 May 2016

Light World: Sleep Descent - Sleepy Status Update 2

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the second instalment of Sleepy Status Update.

So far I'd give an overall completion rating of 20%. There is still a lot to do before the game is ready for even an alpha test release. Details are as follows:


The music is coming along well, although recently there has been a little lull in productivity. Hopefully, however, we will pick it back up soon. The following are ready to be/already have been imported into the game:

  • Entranced — alternate opening theme;
  • Amie's Journey — the main overworld theme;
  • Fighting the Darkness — main battle theme used for significant encounters and minibosses;
  • Hymn to the Virgin Mary — dungeon theme;
  • Monster Club — used as background music in the Monster Clubho…

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Krayfish Krayfish 15 May 2016

My Previous Projects (CAUTION: Shameless Advertisement)

So with Light World's long development cycle, I figure I should post more about just what I've been doing as a game designer just to keep you guys busy. Also, I wanted to show what kind of standards I hope Light World to surpass.

I create my games with Clickteam Fusion, then use an exporter to port them to Adobe Flash (and more recently, I've been trying to do HTML5 since Flash is becoming obsolete.) Light World is the first game I'm creating using something other than that.

So to start off, here's the game Seedling:

This is an action RPG I created in 2010, and then when I created the Krayfish Entertainment domain in 2013, I made some large updates to it. It's a short game, taking maybe…

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WikiBuilder1147 WikiBuilder1147 10 May 2016

Light World: Sleep Descent - Sleepy Status Update 1

So yeah. I decided things were getting a little cluttered over on Kray's "Help needed" blog post, so I'd do him a favour and set up this one. It is intended that this will be the first of a series of status updates. Note that Kray can come in and edit this page at any time since he's an admin.

So far I'd give a completion percentage of 15% overall. There is still very much to be done for this game before we can release it to the outside world without it instantly falling flat on its face. Details are as follows:


Music is the part that concerns me most, as I am currently helping Kray re-orchestrate some of the tunes in the soundtrack. So far I have done 7 pieces of music, ready to be chopped up and looped into the game: …

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Krayfish Krayfish 21 April 2016

Help wanted: Quest design

Hey everyone! Just posting this here where most people will be able to find this. So far a lot of progress has been made on my game Project: Light World.

  • 1 What's been done so far
  • 2 What I'm looking for
  • 3 The Master Document
  • 4 The Current Team
  • 5 Platforms
  • 6 More screenshots

Since the video I posted a month ago, I've gotten a hold of 3DS Max and now I'm able to draw my own models. I'm still keeping the characters 2D just to make things simpler, but the backgrounds can now be fully 3D. Along with that, most of the game world has now been created albeit very simplified and compact. You can freely wander around and get random encounters, but there isn't much to actually do in the game yet aside from just exploring and sight seeing.

I'm looking for stor…

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Krayfish Krayfish 17 March 2016

Footage of the Hallowed Worlds Game!

The blog system on the new site is still bugged, so I'm posting this here. So anyway, I have some actual footage of Project:Light World to show. Let me know what you think. I want to gather more feedback before releasing another video of it, so for now, consider this a sneak preview.

  • The footage shows off a prototype for an opening intro level where a girl named Amie suddenly wakes up, finding herself stranded in a forest. Normally, you would only have Amie in your party at this point in the game, but all the playable characters are in it just for the demo.
  • The battle system is fully functional for the most part although it requires some tweaking and ironing out of bugs.
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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 10 March 2016


Sorry for the late notice, but I'm going on vacation, and starting roughly 45 minutes after I finish typing this blog post, I will be incommunicado for a little over a week. Good luck getting the new site set up - I look forward to seeing what progress has been made when I get back.

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Krayfish Krayfish 10 March 2016

Boring (but important) Legal Stuff

As of this writing, I haven't officially implemented this, so I'm running this by the rest of you. These are the terms of use as they will appear on the Omniverse Nexus website. I modeled it after wikia's terms of use, but simplified it in an attempt to make it less legalese, and also included things specific to the site. Let me know if there's anything I should add, or if anything should be changed or removed.

  • 1 Terms of Use
  • 2 Article ownership
  • 3 Adaptions
  • 4 User conduct
  • 5 Other Terms and Conditions

Last revision: March 2016

Welcome to the Omniverse Nexus (or "Nexus"). By accessing and using this site, you agree to the following terms of use. We reserve the right to update and modify these terms as we see fit. It is your responsibility to check…

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Krayfish Krayfish 28 February 2016

Overview of Omniverse Nexus Site

Here is a detailed overview of what the new site is going to look like.

  • 1 Structure
    • 1.1 List of subdomains
  • 2 Presentation
  • 3 Adminship
  • 4 Licensing
  • 5 Other features
  • 6 Migration procedures
    • 6.1 GC and MG
    • 6.2 Erudite Tales
    • 6.3 Infinite Histories
    • 6.4 Tapestry of Stars
    • 6.5 Hallows Maleficient
    • 6.6 Heroic Ages
    • 6.7 Miraculum Chronicles
  • 7 Our affiliates
  • 8 How you can help
    • 8.1 Current immediate issue

The Omniverse Nexus will be organized as a wiki farm. Each wiki will have their own subdomain as well as their own distinct colorings and background to get you in the right editing mood. For example, Galactic Crucibles will fall under and will have a blue and gray color scheme, while Erudite Tales will go under and have a green and brown theme.…

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WikiBuilder1147 WikiBuilder1147 28 February 2016

Tim Strikes Back...Maybe?

Hey everyone, Tim (or if you still know me by my old nickname, Wiki) here.

It's been a while since I "retired", and I've been quietly observing developments from the shadows. I'm really excited and impressed by the speed with which things have been progressing, what with the setting up of a MediaWiki website to serve as the base of operations for this community.

While at the moment I'm terribly busy with my final year of school, I'm considering slowly returning to the Nexus scene, helping here and there with bits and pieces, reconstructing the Omniverse on the new site. I may return to IH too, to brush up on and retcon existing verses such as Romanum 01 (which through maturity I've found is no longer as plausible as I thought it'd be).

I'm no…

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Krayfish Krayfish 31 January 2016

About the Omniverse Nexus Site

It's coming close to a year since the external Omniverse Nexus site. While it did amass nearly 14,000 views over that time, in the end it didn't replace what wikia did best: allowing users to easily edit and create articles.

There's pretty much been a universal consensus to use a more wiki-oriented format such as MediaWiki instead of Wordpress in favor of a more accessible, user friendly way to edit content. I'm thinking that SCP Foundation might be a good example of what the final Omniverse Nexus site could look like.

I've been very busy myself lately so I haven't had the time to actually implement MediaWiki, but three weeks from now, I'm planning to shut down the Wordpress version of the site just to give you guys time if you want to sav…

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Krayfish Krayfish 1 January 2016

Introducing Project: Light World

Happy New Year! I'm starting off 2016 with an in-depth reveal of a secret project that I've been working on for a while now. So far, it's had a long, bumpy history going through many hoops and genre changes, but now, I've developed it enough to start talking about it in detail. I'm expecting to have video footage to show off sometime around March as I've been spending most of my time working on core mechanics.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Gameplay
  • 3 Setting
    • 3.1 Protagonists
  • 4 Antagonists
  • 5 Limitations
  • 6 How you can help
  • 7 Scratch ideas
    • 7.1 General
    • 7.2 Characters
    • 7.3 Areas
    • 7.4 Gameplay

Project: Light World, or just Light World, is a fantasy RPG being created with Unreal Engine. It will be set in a three dimensional world with 2D sprites, sort of like Paper Mario. The goal of …

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Krayfish Krayfish 7 December 2015

The Nexus So Far

I'm just creating this blog to summarize what's happened with the Nexus in the past six months.

  • I'm working on a proofread and re-edit for Dark Prophecy, probably what would be considered the flagship story for the Nexus which began work way back in 2010. In that time, it has aged quite a bit as our own writing skills have improved over the years so it's time for a revisit. The classic archetypes and high fantasy feel will be left as it is with the changes mainly being geared towards improving the writing style. There may be slight alterations in the lore or story progression to get things to make more sense and easier to understand, but the biggest change is that the story will not end on a cliffhanger and will be a more self-enclosed s…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 29 June 2015

GC Planning

See here

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WikiBuilder1147 WikiBuilder1147 20 June 2015

My Disappearance

Hey, everyone.

As you all probably know by now, for close to a year now I've made absolutely no contributions to Galactic Crucibles, and indeed the Nexus in general. I've faded into the dark recesses of Nexus retirees...

Unfortunately, this will remain so for quite some time to come, as I've been caught up in school (final exams just one and a half years away...eek!), my art and music...and of course, my other wiki-interests.

For a while I've contributed to wikis much larger than this one such as The Sims Wiki and Alternate History Wiki. The communities there are lively and I admittedly find myself much more productive there than I ever did here.

Now, I'm not saying that the Nexus community is not as interesting as those of the other wikis I n…

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Krayfish Krayfish 11 June 2015

Where I've been

Sorry about my unannounced drop in activity. I realize that a lot of users here are preparing for exams and whatnot, but as for me,I've been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff I'm working on: my site, the nexus and dealing with personal stuff. I'm starting to fear that the quality of my work is getting compromised from trying to do it all at once, all while trying to get things out on a regular basis. Long story short, I'm burnt out. Not that I'm out of ideas. Believe me, I have lots. It's the actual writing process of proofreading, correcting mistakes and all that.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving. I just need a break for a bit. I will still check up on recent activity and answer questions, but for now I'll be taking it slo…

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Majora's Revenge 2 Majora's Revenge 2 6 June 2015

This is my account now

So upon trying to change the email on my old account, it apparently has some dumb, unconfirmed, ancient aol email I haven't used since 2012, I have no idea what the password to it is, so I'm making this my new account to have a real email adress. So just consider this my new account (I will post with my old one in a few seconds so you know it's legit me). I will use this one for everything, and disable my old account after I've transferred all my internet booty to this one.

  • I will get a better email
  • There will be a 2 in my name now

  • So I can get emails
  • So I have a more protected email account
  • Probably some other stuff?

We're transferring (very slowly) to the Nexus anyways, so this will only be relevent for a few months anyways.

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Krayfish Krayfish 11 May 2015

Omniverse Nexus Site: 2 months in

This blog is for the discussion of It's an update on the previous blog.

Here's some stats on the site:

  • 12 registered users
  • 1,200+ unique views
  • 46 pages
  • 4 short stories (3 ports, 1 original)
  • 1 weekly editorial series

I understand that activity is slow since for many, this is a rather busy time of year. Hopefully, it will pick up once the summer comes.

There's plenty of discussion on the forums although wikia hasn't wholly been replaced. Discussion still takes place in both areas. Also, a list of planned stories has been put up here:

I'm going to turn my attention back to Swan Song. Yes, it is my intention for it to be my last story on wikia. Afte…

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Krayfish Krayfish 24 March 2015

Omniverse Nexus Site Specifics

This blog is for content discussion, site layout, and other things. See "Future of the Omniverse Nexus" thread for discussion on general information. And if you don't know already, the new site is live here at

UPDATE: For those of you have created accounts on the site (Maj, TROTK and Suppy), I've changed your roles to Editors. See if you can make edits on the pages filed under the different settings.

  • 1 Immediate Goal
  • 2 The Universes
  • 3 Other sections
  • 4 Possible short stories to upload
  • 5 Future projects
  • 6 My own goals
    • 6.1 Myth Galaxy
    • 6.2 Miraculum Chronicles
  • 7 How can you help
    • 7.1 Questions
  • 8 Miscellaneous

The main focus right now is just to add some content to the site for starters. We should choose some short stories that we hav…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 6 March 2015

Feelin' lonely, gettin' worried...

So, the minute Kray left, all activity here pretty much ceased. I'm quite concerned, especially given that the situation is similar on the other ON wikis (and activity isn't much better on my own wiki, which I really don't know what to do about since I'm not exactly allowed to shamelessly plug it...). What do we do? And given that this is what happened when Kray disappeared, I'm very concerned about his talk of potential retirement. Will this wiki survive should that come to pass? Am I being melodramatic?

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Krayfish Krayfish 9 February 2015

Temporary Leave of Absence

In about a week, I'll be going on a month long training mission where I'll be pretty much off the grid entirely. I won't have the chance to make edits or comments on anything until roughly the middle of March.

UPDATE: I have officially returned and regained full access to my computer!

Before I go, I'll just let you guys know that I still plan to be active at least for a while. Here's my most current plans across wikia:

  • Volveros Revolution - This is a story on ET that I'm working on with TROTK and Majora. More details over there.
  • Story:Swan Song - You might have suspected by the title and nature of the story, but I was intending this to be my final story on GC. It's been nearly six years since I got into wikia story writing, and I figure t…

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A Guy OTI A Guy OTI 21 January 2015

I'm back, and hopefully I stick around this time

The title explains it all.

But anyway, I'm going to try to be active again, but I can't really promise anything. I'll probably create a new species, as the Metu were more of a test then anything.


-A Guy On The Internet

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SupcommMonroee SupcommMonroee 19 January 2015

News, News, A Tapestry of News!

It's Suppy. I haven't been around these parts for a while, but if any of you expected me to have nothing to show for it, I am about to prove your misgivings incorrect.

  • 1 Tapestry of Stars
  • 2 The Story
  • 3 My Request
  • 4 My Offer
  • 5 Summary and Miscelanii

The wiki project I launched with Kray is now officially dead. This is not for lack of ideas, but instead a design decision on my part to move development of my universe to a local level where I retain all ownership, and freedom to format with whatever tools I wish. That is, Inkscape, MS Office, etc.

Contrary to what ToS' death might imply, the universe is on the precipice of great change. Today, I finished the master map project which I started in July of 2014 in its current form. This does not mean there m…

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LethalPen LethalPen 27 December 2014

A Formal Apology to Goku and the Wiki (Two Years Delayed)

Earlier today, I checked up on my old YouTube channel (to which I no longer have access, fortunately or unfortunately) and rediscovered my ridiculously offensive video, "Talking with a Retard Day 1". Looking back on it two years later, I realize how unbelievably wrong it was to say the things I did and to record that video. Although it's late and likely doesn't mean much now, I would like to issue a serious apology to Goku259 and everyone else on the wiki. While I won't be contributing here at any time in the foreseeable future, I still find it necessary to make this apology due to my immature actions two years ago.

I'm sorry, Goku. I'm sorry to everyone else, too, even to those who have no knowledge of this occurrence. Best wishes to all o…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 6 November 2014

A new world 3

The stream-of-consciousness brainstorm thing fell through, since I don't currently have time to devote to long sessions of brainstorming. Therefore, I need to think of a different method for developing my world. I think I may not use the undeveloped gas giant, since it seems a bit too close to the dense atmosphere/low gravity/near to sun combo I've been trying to avoid. What to do instead? Something interesting. I was thinking about using a world with boron-based life, but boron is cosmically rare and the forces which create it are poorly understood. Iron-based life? That could work, but what would a world of ferrous life be like?

Actually, maybe I'm focusing too much on gimmicks. I mean, just saying "oh, my world has iron-based life" can't…

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Majoras revenge!!! Majoras revenge!!! 27 October 2014

Just going to write this down

(Just wanted to write this down somewhere before I actually start making pages or anything)

So yesterday I was thinking about all the species of mine on Galactic Crucibles, and I was wondering why I couldn't think of anything new to really add to my races. And then I realized: the Kyekna, Climche Folium, and Carapellex are all casted species, they're also all insects, basically I've been repeating the same patterns to much.

So I've elected to create another species, this one non-eusocial, which I call the Naznaract (both singular and plural).

Stuff I've got so far:

The main naznaract government is the Naznaract Republic, which currently controls 9 systems in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, including the homeplanet of the naznaract, Kava…

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Krayfish Krayfish 25 October 2014

New changes to humans

There's going to be a new change to the status of humans. It's bringing back a very old idea of them being precursors to the present day races. Basically, humanity explored the galaxy on their own and ran into very little, if any, space faring civilizations. So to populate the galaxy, they decided to leave artifacts behind and influence other more primitive alien civilizations.

As always, humans will still remain open to be edited by anyone. Feel free to post questions.

  • Everything from the time of the Omni to the present would be moved forward by several thousand years. This should not affect any existing storyline. All the current dates (i.e. 2142) would be retconned as being measured by a new calendar. Humanity would not predate eit…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 14 October 2014

A new world 2

So, this is my new brainstorming blog for the planned planet! Yay!

For those of you who didn't read the previous blog, read it. Ooooor I could just tell you...

Basically, I have a vague idea for a new world I want to create and I'm brainstorming ideas. So far, a few ideas have leaped out at me, including a relatively dry hot world; a cold, ethane-soaked giant Titan; a giant wet world; and a tidally locked dense atmosphere world (which is a nod of the head to Alien Worlds/Extraterrestrial). I also thought about a really cold one with ammonia instead of water. But which one to run with? Cue stream-of-consciousness.

Well, as much as I'd like to salute the geniuses behind Blue Moon and Aurelia, it seems a bit too close to every sci-fi world I've w…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 27 September 2014

A new world

So, I have an idea for a new planet. Actually, to be more precise, I have several ideas, but I made a page for one of them. I think that was a bit hasty of me. In fact, maybe someone could delete that, please? Thank you.

The temporarily-named Flambe is based on one of the worlds created by Chris Wayan as part of Planetocopia. (Don't even bother with the rest of the site. It's… I don't even know.) The worlds of Planetocopia are really well thought-out and detailed, aside from the residents, which are a bit idealistic and utopian. I was just thinking, what if I could come up with a spread of worlds like that, except without the strange furries? Then, I looked at my history and decided to be honest with myself - what if I could come up with a s…

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Mr.Robbo Mr.Robbo 28 August 2014


Greetings, all!

This is just to inform everyone that I'm still around and haven't left or anything. My longer-than-expected absence has been due to an epic computer crash followed by my e-mail account deciding I'm not who I say I am.

Anyway, I've mostly solved these problems so I should be able to eke my way back into things; my solution to the former problem involved 640x480 resolution and 8-bit colour, which is hated by all software this side of the millennium bug, so I won't be overly active quite yet.

My apologies for anything I've missed over the last several weeks.

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 24 August 2014

End of Sabbatical

So, hi there! I'm here, and my sabbatical is officially over.

Sad to say the sabbatical didn't go well, and my goal of spending very little time on the iPad fell through :(

I reasoned if I was going to spend lots of time on the iPad, I might as well do something productive. Therefore, I'm going back to editing here.

While I was gone, I imagine some changes were made here, so could someone please help summarize any recent changes that might've occurred so I can get caught up?

Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo! 19:24, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

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WikiBuilder1147 WikiBuilder1147 4 August 2014


Hi there y'all. It's been a while since I last made any major edits here on GC. (About what, 6 months?) After such a long period without significant activity I have concluded that I will officially demote my activity status to "Semi-active". This means that, if at all, I won't edit on GC very often. I now will put the large majority of my attention on IH and The Sims Wiki, which I have taken a great interest in (I just recently became a rollbacker :O)

Anyway, though I will still stop by from time to time, I won't do so very often, so I wish GC all the best.

Signing out, ―WikiBuilder1147 (Infinite Histories • Galactic Crucibles • The Sims Wiki • Hallows Maleficent • Why I'm here in the first place) 11:44, August 4, 2014 (UTC)

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 31 July 2014

Sabbatical/Leave of Absence

After a roughly two-week long period of vacation, I regret to tell you that it might be a while before I'm back. Lately, I've started to realize that I'm spending far too much time using electronic devices, and I need to have a bit of time to enjoy the summer in a more physical sense. Plus, I've got a doosy of an idea for a new fantasy novel and I want to start writing. I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be gone, but I hope to be back by September. 

Anyway, that means Hallows Maleficent may have to proceed without me. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if launching it at this particular time may have been a bit hasty of me. Perhaps I should've waited until I knew I could commit myself? Regardless, it's up, and those who were interested in con…

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SupcommMonroee SupcommMonroee 1 July 2014

It's Up

My new wiki has been established. Take a look here if you want:


Huge props, of course, to Kray for helping me out with it.  It's still all in progress, of course. If anyone has any species concepts they'd like to see developed, give them to me. I have some spaces where societies are carved out, but a solid, unique species is missing. You could design the nitty gritty of the biology if you want, or you could leave that to me. Just putting that out there.

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IceBite IceBite 28 June 2014

Ok...what's changed?

Part of my mind has been kicking me in the a** to get back here and do some more work...

...Although...what exactly has changed since I've left?

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UndeadHero UndeadHero 14 June 2014

Novel Idea needs some help.

 Orion-4, otherwise known by the native race as "Eluva", is a Garden World found in the Orion Cluster located 2.49 Lightyears from Jupiter. After the terraformation efforts on Mars continued to fail, and Titan's colonies suffered a catastrophic airlock failure, Man felt it must move beyond the stars and built the Gallup-Brandt Electron Telescope. With the Gallup-Brandt Telescope, man discovered the Orion Cluster, hidden far away behind a large ionic cloud which prevented normal telescopes from recognizing it (as the ionic cloud prevent the star's light from being seen on Earth or even the Sol Cluster).

Antimatter engines, mixed with nuclear fusion rockets were the main fuel for this interstellar journey. Built on the moon, the first of what…

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Yuy168 Yuy168 23 May 2014

Greetings once again from the Precursor Wiki!

Hiya folks. Yuy from the Multiverses Wiki. It's that time of year again when I roll around and talk about doing a bunch of things, make a few articles, then ultimately dissappear! 

Of course im probabbly not going to do any of that actually. I am really here because I noticed you guys are nearing the 1500 mark. I would just like to say congrats! The wiki I had come from died long ago, although several efforts have been made for revival. We almost made it to 2000 articles before all the top contributors left and deleted all their articles due to very complicated reasons.

I would just like to say that even if you don't have any users or content from The Multiverses Wiki, it's great to see that there are other quality creative sci-fi wiki's out…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 8 May 2014

Hallows Maleficent

Over here, I came up with an idea to create a fourth Omniverse Nexus Wiki dedicated to horror. Of all the blog posts in the ATOWI Series, I believe this one has the most potential. I'll be adding details on the idea here. In the event that I actually manage to sway anyone and make this into an actual thing, the stuff posted here will form the basis of the new wiki.

Alrighty, then, let's get started! In the immortal words of the Doctor, allons-y!

  • 1 History
  • 2 The World
    • 2.1 The Fog
    • 2.2 Hallows
    • 2.3 Planned Hallows
      • 2.3.1 Skarath
      • 2.3.2 Edo
      • 2.3.3 Contagion
  • 3 Races
    • 3.1 Humans
    • 3.2 Ghosts
    • 3.3 Phantoms
  • 4 Monsters
    • 4.1 Nightmares
    • 4.2 Alan
    • 4.3 Demons
    • 4.4 Kaiju
    • 4.5 Zombies
  • 5 Lore
    • 5.1 The End of the Old World
    • 5.2 The Fall of Contagion
    • 5.3 Typhon vs. Mimizu
    • 5.4 The Curious End of Baron Moragthal
  • 6 Additio…

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SupcommMonroee SupcommMonroee 2 May 2014

So this happened

I downloaded an .xml backup of all of GC's files and I tried to open it in Word. It was a mistake.

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Pschycron Pschycron 29 April 2014

How dark should GC be?

Anyone who's talked to me regularly on chat knows I like dark story lines, but then I wondered: How dark are we willing to let stories on GC get?I know we have a disturbing tag with various fields, but how do we qualify it?

Creepypastas. We've all heard spooky stories over the internet and I know most of GC's community know quite a few of them. Generally a creepypasta is designed to work it's way into your head, one kind of disturbing, such as the legend of the Slender Man or to shock/gross you out you, in the case of a certain My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic FanFic who's name I have been sworn not to utter. But let's put it like this: Slender is scary as all hell and beyond and so is THAT fic for some people, but which is more likely t…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 25 April 2014

A ton of weird ideas, Volume VI

At the moment, I believe this will be the last in the ATOWI series. Of course, I may come up with other weird ideas, or expand on the previous ones, but these are all the ones I have at present, the ones I created this series to express. And now, the grand finale! Drumroll, please.

I've been thinking a lot about ideas related to boosting readership. Or usership. Or editor... ship. I dunno, is that even a kind of ship? Anyway, the Omniverse Nexus Wikis are underpopulated (as is my wiki, Creativity Unleashed) and they shouldn't be, because they're awesome and ambitious and amazing and... alliterative. Yeah, didn't even mean to do that. But the point is, more people should know about them, and this brilliant plan of mine (well, when I say bril…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 20 April 2014

A ton of weird ideas, Volume V

A lot of the blog posts I've been adding here have been relating to matters beyond GC. However, I've been posting them on GC because GC is the de facto main page for the entire Omniverse Nexus Wikis Project. But what I was considering was having an official main wiki for matters pertaining to Omniverse Nexus a s a whole, sort of a hub for GC, ET and IH. It would also be a good place to rp cross-overs, if we ever end up doing cross-overs.

  • 1 Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
    • 1.1 Who would run it?
    • 1.2 What would it be about?
    • 1.3 When would it be created?
    • 1.4 Where would it be?
    • 1.5 Why do we need it?
    • 1.6 How would it work?

All to be outlined at a more convenient time, when I feel a bit more creative. Yes, I'm procrastinating :P

Aside from the obvious choice…

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SupcommMonroee SupcommMonroee 18 April 2014


Not putting this under the super post series, because I want this to just be something standalone to present to the community (y'all).

I haven't followed many of your projects lately. If you have the time for it, I'd like anyone that is active to briefly (1 to 3 paragraphs) sum up what they're working on, their fictions, and how they connect with the works of other users, if at all.

I've felt a little isolated lately, especially with Kray off at Fort Sill and Nra AWOL due to intense life stress (yes, I do talk to him everyday). I've retreated into my works regarding the Eteno, and for the most part, I'm very satisfied with how things are turning out, and the new formats and styles I'm working with. However, one thing that subconsciously anno…

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SupcommMonroee SupcommMonroee 17 April 2014

Suppy Super Post 9 - Idea Sheet

In MS OneNote, I have a big notebook full of EIT-related ideas. I'll copypasta what's under my "Add" tab here, just in case anyone would find it entertaining or has other ideas/feedback (which would be much appreciated!). I also have other tabs. If this proves popular, I might post those too. Also, note that this is raw copypasta, so expect spelling errors or shorthand.

  • ISF Factbook
  • Eteno pirate factions to a crime section of the EIT page
  • Grjd race, Aphbrec+Kr'aszaszz+ Chyrians
  • MAD, Muurineachtvendonsaszt
  • Establish monolith/uplift details and first contact between the Eteno and Karnasaurs with nra
  • Eteno citadel-like economic station
  • Eteno arms embargo on Groos
  • Major Eteno naval defeat at Kartijn in Harbinger Wars
  • Clusters for various star systems
  • Ch…

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TheReturnOfTheKing TheReturnOfTheKing 16 April 2014

A ton of weird ideas, Volume IV

OK, what am I going to talk about this time? 

I've only got three points left, so I'll try to be brief. I'd like to talk about the Creativity Unleashed Wiki.

Is the sarcasm really necessary?

Lol, but seriously, must get onto the topic at hand. Which is, namely, what to do about CU.

First of all, you may be wondering, what is this wiki? Well, if you want to find out, why don't you follow the link? Of course, just in case the link breaks, or you can't access the site, or you're an electronic life-form imprisoned in the GC Wiki with no hope of escape, here's a little blurb:

Creativity Unleashed is, as the name implies, a place where your creativity can be unleashed. It's a story-writing community with no bounds, no limitations and no written laws of…

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