This article is about the empire comprised of Ghorax. For the ultraterrestrial beings, see Harbinger.
Buyuk Empire
Location Galactic Core Zone, Orion Arm
Size 50 systems
Kardashev class 2.2
Founded Unknown
Status Defunct
Capital Xorgraria City, Xorgraria
Official language Buyukspeak
Demonym Buyuk, Harbinger
Population Unknown
Species Ghorax
Government Empire
Current leader(s) Unknown

The Buyuk Empire (also known as Harbingers) is a large faction located in both the Galactic Core Zone and the Outer Arm. After enduring numerous wars, they are now spiraling in economic decline as other empires continuously attack them to gain territory.

The Buyuk Empire has proclaimed themselves as Harbingers, believing themselves to have become noteworthy enough to rival them technologically. This of course is an exaggeration, but their persistence and ability to conquer has more than earned them of such a name.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Buyuk Empire's plan to take over the galaxy involved to colonize both the galactic core and the outer rim along the the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Because much of their government involved the use of large scale machinery, colonizing the edge of the galaxy was crucial in managing heat waste.

Society[edit | edit source]

During the Buyuk Civil War, the Buyuk Empire created a virus known as the Racuna that would kill victims with cancerous growths unless cybernetic implants were installed that could counter the virus. The effects of this virus remain in their society today. Because the Racuna sterilizes those that it infects, the only means a Buyuk Ghorax can reproduce is to infect other individuals. Because of this, when they invade another planet, they always spare enough inhabitants for them to sustain a viable population as a means of farming them for implantation.

List of systems[edit | edit source]

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