Featured articles are considered the wiki's best articles, the ones that exemplify the style and atmosphere of Galactic Crucibles as a shared, science fiction universe.

There are two main categories of featured articles: Informational and Narrative.

Nominating an article[edit source]

Nominations are not a regular occurrence. They occur sporadically without any set schedule or time frame, and anyone can make a nomination at any time. Most articles that get successfully featured were done so shortly after nomination.

A single admin decides whether or not an article gets featured based on the feedback received from multiple users. If the article has received a lot of positive feedback, then the chances of it getting featured are greatly increased. There is no set amount of votes required for an article to get featured.

General criteria[edit source]

  • Must be a content page. No guides or wiki pages should be featured.
  • Nomination is not your own article. We encourage users to seek out other articles other than their own.
  • Article is not a stub. It is thoroughly detailed and has been spellchecked.
  • Must be integrated into the continuity at the time of its proposal.

Informational articles[edit source]

Current featured informational articles[edit source]

Nominated featured informational articles[edit source]

Stories[edit source]

Current featured narratives[edit source]

Nominated featured stories[edit source]

None at this time.

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