Galactic Crucibles

Godmodding is the creation of a character or faction whose powers/abilities defy willing suspension of disbelief. Because Galactic Crucibles Wiki has no tech cap, we define godmodding as the possession of any skills/technology that would not make sense for that character/faction to have. This threshold would be determined exclusively on factors such as the technological limitations and the progressive development of a faction.

Civilization size[]

When determining the size of your civilization, take into account the surrounding factions that would have coexisted with it during the time period. Before outright creating a mystical guardian of the universe, converse with other users to see if such a large civilization is actually necessary for the lore.

If you are looking to just develop a civilization for your own purposes, consider creating one that is fairly small (no larger than the scope of interstellar). Such civilizations are not only much easier to write about, but much easier to give substance and story behind.

Strength and Weaknesses[]

Before using your character in a story, it is highly recommended to define your own character's abilities very clearly. It is alright to retcon your character later as you see fit, but do not make up your abilities as you write as it could very easily lead to plot holes. Your character's abilities should be limited based on what you defined the technological/natural abilities of the faction the character belongs to.

Giving a powerful character or faction a weakness is what allows conflicts to be interesting. If they had no weaknesses, then the plot would have no purpose. An example of balancing out strengths in weaknesses is as follows: smaller characters tend to be more swift and agile while larger characters tend to be slower and more powerful.

Lastly, keep in mind that natural abilities are a lot more taxing in energy than technological supplements. Any natural abilities should be treated as evolutionary adaptions to the character's native environment, and should definitely be taken advantage of when it comes to creating a society. For example, if the character is a member of a species that can fly, chances are, his/her species never bothered to invent staircases.