Galactic Crucibles

A retcon is the deliberate alteration of previous established information. When it comes to rising, retconning is inevitable.


Remember that whenever you write something, it is never set in stone. Sooner or later, you will notice something distinctly lacking in your own creations especially if you are a first time writer. The logical solution is to add some explanation and expansion. But sometimes, changing what is already established is necessary.

Remember, if you are writing in tandem or involving other user's creations, discuss with others what key events you are changing in order to prevent confusion.

Reasons to retcon[]

The main reason to retcon is to respond to feedback, whether it comes from other users or yourself.

  • Removing unfavorable elements - Sometimes, your creations might end up having traits that detract from its quality. By retconning, you can easily get rid of these unfavorable elements.
    • Removing a Mary Sue - Mary Sues can have a tendency to hog the attention from other creations. Retconning can either balance the Mary Sue out or write it out of continuity.
  • Expanding your work - By retconning the limiting aspects of your creation, you can expand them to become something even better.
    • Incorporating the creations of other users - To make other users seem less isolated, change some aspects of your creations so that it seems far more open and less rigid. Remember that Omni 01 is meant to be a complex mythology with interconnecting ideas.