Myth Galaxy Universe
This article exists only within the Myth Galaxy setting.

The Myth Galaxy universe is a separate reality from the rest of Galactic Crucbiles.

Stylistic overview[edit | edit source]

Unlike Galactic Crucibles which bases itself around speculative science and the latest knowledge of astronomy, Myth Galaxy sticks with a more traditional, old school sci-fi aesthetic much like that in the 1970's and 1980's. It also includes minor fantasy elements making it lean more towards the softer end of the sci-fi hardness scale.

Historically, Myth Galaxy is in fact based on the very earliest drafts of Galactic Crucibles when it was more heavily rooted on the 2008 video game Spore. As a result, while very different in genre, Myth Galaxy utilizes many of the same characters and locations as its hard sci-fi counterpart although in a more mystical way. Although both settings share a common ancestry, they have since diverged to have their own unique storylines as well as characters and locations exclusive to either one or the other.

Setting overview[edit | edit source]

Since the beginning of time, powerful god-like entities known as the Titans created and shaped the universe, the many galaxies, stars and planets within. These Titans had also forged numerous artifacts infused with their power which they used to allow organic life to rise up to live among them. However, these idyllic times eventually led to a time of stagnation which drew the attention of a dark, powerful entity known as Suntsitzeagal, a being which could end the existence of the entire multiverse. To solve this problem, the Titan of Destruction known as Vernietigen chose to devour the universe and spit it out again to reset it so that the diversity of organic life could continue. Further checks were put in place to prevent Vernietigen from having to destroy the universe again and again. A race of beings known as Harbingers would possess a specific race of organic life to incite chaos to maintain the balance.

In the present day, a Galactic Senate has united the Milky Way galaxy under the banner of four species: Karnasaur, Eteno, Dhragolon and Delson. After having defeated the Harbingers in a war spanning many decades, an uneasy time of peace followed as rumors of the return of Vernietigen resurfaced. A secret organization of dark rituals known as the Altusian Brotherhood threatened to take over the Galactic Senate to incite chaos to prevent Vernietigen's return. Whether their motives are driven by mere myth or definitive fact remains to be seen.

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