Humans are a mammalian species native to the planet Gaea. There are approximately 5 trillion registered humans.


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Political status

In 1989, Gaea was captured by the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate during the War on Gaea, an effort to prevent the assimilation of humanity into the Buyuk Empire. After these events, numerous religious schisms occurred where debates arose as to humanity's status in the universe.

While the majority of humans merged themselves in with galactic culture, numerous micronations of human occupation exist. However, in just one hundred and fifty years, humanity's population exploded upon being introduced to new technology. Still not the most numerous of species, humanity continues to struggle for recognition.

Notable Humans


The following are areas humans are known to live or have lived.

  • Gaea - Homeworld
  • Krar - very numerous in the underworld
  • Herit
  • Ashadra - Earth's cosmic twin attacked by the Harvesters
  • Palteono
  • Timari - Has a few small Ashadran Human settlements on it (Also former home of Galiana Arcad).
  • Moritz - A human refuge colony in Delson territory consisting mostly of Ashadran humans.
  • Keitel - A human refuge colony in Eteno territory. It was the first exclusively human colony.
  • Ucharpli - Many have gathered in the region known as Spason
  • Technosilis - An artificial planet controlled by the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm. Humans have been allowed to set up settlements on the planet. Technosilis holds around 1200 of the 2000 Humans taken in by the DFSNA.

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