The Karnasaurs were one of the most influential species in the Galactic Senate. Their largest civilization, the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation was founded shortly after the demise of the Omni, making them the oldest civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy up until the year {extinction_event_date}.


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Karnasaurs are bipedal creatures that stand on two legs. They have two arms as well as two wings, and their scales are jet black. While they appear naturally intimidating, Karnasaurs are very civil and pride themselves with their culture.


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The Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation was lead by an emperor who reigned over until someone else ascended to become just as qualified. While they were rather stable, their justice system was grim, resorting to extreme torture methods to lawbreakers.

Controversially, the KMF intervened regularly with the development of many species, artificially advancing their culture and studying them as they pleased. This caused them to be viewed with great suspicion.


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To the Karnasaurs, a culturally advanced civilization surpasses even the most technologically advanced ones. It revolves around pride as well as what one can do for the community. They advocate the spread of chaos, believing that an iron fist universe of order promotes only stagnance.


Ancient Sauren, more often known as Latin, was the official language of the Karnasaurs. Notoriously, their meddling has caused many Milky Way civilizations to have languages rooted in this language.


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Religion for the Karnasaurs was monotheistic. They worshiped a god known as Deus as well as numerous Angels.


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The Karnasaur Armed Forces were the military force of the KMF.

Notable Karnasaurs

Capital worlds

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