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Located here is the timeline of the MWG.

You may also wish to read the story Fresh off the Boat to acquaint yourself with the background information.

The Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation, or KMF, is a technologically advanced civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy known for their gadgets. Read more...

Making of a Warrior is the origin story of Veoru Karik, a Dhragolon who had grown up unaware of his adoption, wanted to seek the truth. Although he had been through a lot in his childhood, he persevered searching for answers. Read more...

  • There is water in the Martian soil.
  • Typical Chosen One characters are not relatable by the audience. Do something new with them.

From Normarian Broadcasting Corporation

  • The Normarian Federal Election has been officially opened by President Karani Oshiro!
From Milurian Imperial State Broadcast Commission
  • It has begun! The Emperor has personally launched the M.P.S. Liberator II, which will be the flagship of the fleet. The rest of fleet has already been launched, and they have left for the Galactic Core to combat the Estin threat. May the brave men constituting the crew of these vessels have success on their mission.
From the Methrikhian Extranet Channel
  • The MNA Svitanie of our glorious Navy has made a significant discovery, they have found relics of a race that seems to have been recently chased away from their worlds. Who or what caused them to flee is as of now unknown, HighComm has yet to comment.
From Galactic News Studio
  • There is no news today *piano music plays*
From Imperial Colonial News
  • Colonists in recaptured territory in proximity to the Kklxin front have been warned that some enemy patrol vessels do remain in the area and will attack vessels on sight. Vessels under attack are requested to travel on secured routes only until the war comes to a close.
  • Travel advisories have been issued for the Gimheldt system due to growing concerns of armed conflict.
  • After a raid by Worker's Army saboteurs on shipping centers in the Sius system, transfer of cargo between all planetary surfaces and shipping vessels will be unavailable until police finish clearing all orbital transfer points and mooring stations. Regional police commanders are expected to release further information on the attacks.
Nuuskan Infodump
  • There is a lot to cover and little to do it in. Skimming over the headlines we have threats of all out attack against the Estin threat with the Miluri attacking them, none have currently allied with them for the strike. The Eruption are loose again and making attacks on smaller civilisations. The Spheres are acting hectic with wild energy readings, it is causing freak solar storms which are interfering with atmospheres close-by. The star known as "TH-ELA-RG-31" has gone super nova, anyone with in the vicinity of 6 light years need to move. Recent movements from the Haskas are becoming suspicious. The NDC are reaching out for alliances, anyone that likes really hot food or crystals should move there quickly. The so-called doomsday is apparently coming up next year, be very careful as this time a galaxy is trying to destroy the local group (haha, what idiot came up with that).
  • On the lighter side of the news, MuffinCakesCo have made a delicious new recipe and truffles the fat duck was the lone survivor of a whole planet which blew up. The duck had nothing to say but tasted lovely.
  • Thank you for listening, reading or whatever to the infodump. Also, recent disclaimers have stated we need to infodump as too much room was taken up. More info at our archive colonies.

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