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The Sethaleya Suzerainty is a Sethaleya faction from the Triangulum Galaxy. They are technologically advanced, controlling over two hundred systems, and are one of the two founding factions of the Iralek Alliance. Read more...

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  • There are an infinite amount of universes. That means there is at least one for every possibility you can imagine.
  • Explore the full extent of what a new technology can use.

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  • After the shock of the UVP's credit rating drop, investment in the Bethrin colonisation project, previously seen as a safe bet, is rapidly pulled away. If you have colonisation stocks with the UVP, how could this hurt you? Gratia Monnes finds out more.
  • The 6TRV virus, popularly known as "Violet Sea Fever" has been reported by Suzerainty scientists to be completely extinct in the absence of any cases for the last fifteen years. Other diseases soon to be announced as history include the "White Hair Plague" and "Tessuin Flu".
  • Following the movement of a large Shekeshta Hegemony fleet to space just outside the contested system of Zekklin, a message of condemnation has been dispatched to Carnask from the Alliance Chairman decrying the Hegemony's "incessant warmongering" and "threats to disturb the peace both our civilisations have spent so long trying to maintain".

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  • UVP colonisation faces new roadblocks in colonisation as investment is retracted in the face of their fall to an A-2 credit rating. Stock prices plummeted between 14:00 and 16:20 today before they were frozen by the enactment of market safety protocols. Liberty Television reminds viewers that it had predicted this failure long before it happened and that its repeated suggestions for the Suzerainty to partake in the project were ignored.
  • Possible Nemesis Legion activity has been detected on the borders of Wheel space. While unconfirmed, should an invasion come, it would strike directly towards planets vital for the Republic's economy. Liberty Television brings this exclusive story to you.
  • Official condemnation of Hegemony sabre-rattling has finally been released by the Alliance, signed by the Chairman himself. While Liberty Television has been recommending actual action from the Alliance, this looks set to end as all previous conflicts have done; with concession and compromise.

Official news corporation of the UVP. The trustworthy source.

  • Due to the drop in credit rating that occurred last night, the first stock freezing to occur in fifteen years happened at the Central Exchange at 16:20 as investors hurried to withdraw their support for the Bethrin colonisation project.
  • The Alliance Chairman has personally signed and dispatched an official notice of condemnation to the Shekeshta Hegemony in response to their presence in the Zekklin system. Sanctions may follow.
  • The trial of Second Brigadier Jannas Gatham comes to a close. The judges expressed their disgust in their pre-sentencing statement, referring to his acceptance of bribery in the Hashtay Riots as "morally bankrupt" and "unacceptable for an officer of the UVFAF."

Epistles of the Sikhean Brotherhood.

  • Alliance Chairman Tethas Rorvan expressed frustration in an official message of condemnation to the Shekeshta Hegemony in which he noted the "incessant warmongering" and "repeated violation of pact terms" carried out by the Hegemony in its entering territory around the Zekklin system. Archbishop Haero announced that the College of Bishops would provide full backing to any Alliance sanctions upon the Hegemony.
  • The construction of Pharados Cathedral has finished after two years of construction work. Archbishop Haero will arrive to consecrate the building in two weeks' time, after which it shall be opened for worship.

The only multi-system news service for the Shekeshta Hegemony.

  • The Iralek Alliance releases a statement threatening aggression on an exploratory fleet near the uninhabited Zekklin system. Evidence of Alliance sabre-rattling and prejudice builds up.
  • The 'Yavte's Paw' terrorist group has been finally destroyed and their leaders executed by NBS espatiers following a half-hour standoff and several great displays of courage by our troops in the face of savagery and extreme danger. Several medals of valour are to be awarded.
  • Industry has had its most productive month in living memory, with all quotas surpassed throughout all the industrial colonies. Full statistics can be found by reading on.


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