Sapient beings are described as intelligent entities capable of building a civilization. The unifying traits of sapient beings include a way to manipulate tools, predatory nature and a way to communicate with one another very efficiently.

The first sapient beings, also known as mortals, were created and designed to be imperfect and flawed. As a result, many sapient beings constantly struggle with one another for resources. Their ability to defy instinct makes them far more dangerous than even the most adept of animals.

Taxonomy[edit | edit source]

See also: Universal classification system

Sapient beings are grouped into a non-linear taxonomy classification as their physiologies wildly differ from planet to planet.

  • Mammal - Mammals are warm-blooded creatures. Their skin is very fleshy, and most of them have hair.
  • Reptilian - Reptilians usually have scales or a carapace. Some reptilians are warm-blooded.
  • Insectoid - Insectoids, while may not technically be insects, shares many traits with them such as having an exoskeleton, and are usually arthropodic.
  • Amphibian - Amphibians are creatures adapt to living in liquids or on land.
  • Hive-mind - Hive-minded beings are ruled by a queen, and the majority of population consists of drones.
  • Radial - Radials are creatures possessing a radial symmetry. Octopus or squid-type mortals fall under this category.
  • Primordial - A primordial mortal is a being made or primitive, yet versatile materials similar to worms, protists or even plants.
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