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A sonic black hole (also known as dumb holes) is a phenomenon where phonons are unable to escape from a fluid flowing more quickly than the speed of sound. Essentially, all sound is nullified in the presence of one.

Sonic black holes can be created using rubidium. In the real world, they currently only exist in laboratories, and have yet to be made for practical use. Future civilizations could utilize sonic black holes to supplement existing technology.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Stealth systems - Portable sonic black holes can be used to enhance stealth systems for infiltrators and assassins. It is especially useful against species which rely on hearing to detect nearby objects.
  • Weapon silencers - A variety of weapons can be used in conjunction with sonic black holes. A sniper can take out another target without their weapon giving away their position or a grenade can land near an enemy without them noticing in the heat of battle.
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