This is the master timeline of the Milky Way Galaxy which any user may add to. This is specifically for significant astronomical activities (supernovae, etc.) as well as events that cover a scope larger than several star clusters.

While every civilization has its own calendar, for the purposes of organization, the Gregorian Calendar is used.

Eon Zero[edit | edit source]

Third Eon[edit | edit source]

  • 10 bil BC
    • The Promorin evolve.
    • The Promorin enter hibernation as galactic guardiannine
  • 4 bil BC - Alkan Era
    • The Alkan become a spacefaring civilization.
    • The Alkan take over the Milky Way Galaxy.
    • The Alkan attempt to build an interdimensional device that allow them to become a god-like empire.
    • The Promorin destroy the Alkan, although they can't reach the colonies and forces that have moved to other galaxies.
  • 4 bil BC - Empire of Arckas
    • The Grusaozoure
    • rg become space-faring.
    • The Iztur become space-faring.
    • The Piln become space-faring.
    • The Karotians become space-faring.
    • The Promorin go extinct.
    • The Empire of Arckas is founded which consists of several galaxies.
    • The Dyson sphere Novarckas is created.
    • The Iztur betray the empire and create the Collective.
    • The Empire of Arckas falls to the Collective.
  • 4 bil BC - Plesona Age
    • The Plesona destroy the Collective and flourish for one million years.
    • Internal civil wars bring down the Plesona.
    • The star Dulor goes supernova and turns into a pulsar.

Thirteenth Eon[edit | edit source]

  • 220 mil BC
    • The Kklxin careen the planet Asylum towards the Milky Way Galaxy. The planet contains frozen embryos as well as highly sophisticated cloning machines.
  • 12 mil BC
    • Date of evidence of an unknown civilization in the Milky Way. Believed to have been the earliest civilization in the MWG since the Empire of Arckas.
  • 7 mil BC
    • First evidence of Sectus harvesting in the Milky Way
  • 5 mil BC

Omni Era[edit | edit source]

  • 100,000 BC
    • The Omni rise to power.
    • The Omni find records of the unknown empire and find out that it is called the Pikan.
  • 20,500 BC (circa)

Karnasaur Era[edit | edit source]

  • 20,000 BC
  • 15,000 BC
    • Heglarean Empire is founded.
    • Hunre Empire is founded.
  • 10,000 BC
    • The Karnasaurs enter space.
    • The Tokarthi Enter space.
  • 6,900 BC
    • Hvolmesh conquers the Nanosan Houses.
  • 6,859 BC
    • The Nano Cybernetic Ascendants Council is formed.
    • The Nanosan Houses begin colonization of the local systems
  • 5,563 BC
  • 5,389 BC
    • First Iteration of the Galactic Senate is formed. Domum Regimen is built.
  • 5,337 BC
  • 5,115 BC
    • The DFM retaliates and destroys the Sinister Hegemony.
  • 3,000 BC circa
    • The DFM falls, separating Vaikan colonies from one another for years.
  • 2,430 BC
    • The First Galactic War begins.
  • 2,400 BC
    • The First Galactic War ends.
  • 1,919 BC
  • 398 BC
  • 396 BC
  • 236 BC
    • The Second Galactic War ends.
    • The Hunre and Heglarean races become nearly extinct.
    • The Karnasaurs disappear.
  • 100 BC
    • The original Tokarthi Empire disappears.

Interlude era[edit | edit source]

500-Year War[edit | edit source]

Chaos Crisis[edit | edit source]

  • 2,142 AD
  • 2,146 AD
  • 2173 AD
  • 2186 AD
    • Sunt is banished to Brunikor. Civilization in the Local Group falls apart. An era of recovery begins.

Galactic Wasteland Era[edit | edit source]

  • 2641 AD
    • Locubrermour is discovered. Interuniversal travel becomes a practical means of transportation.

Seventeenth Eon[edit | edit source]

  • 4 bil AD
    • The Lus Supergalaxy is formed with the collision of the MWG and the AG. The Milky Way Galaxy as a separate entity ceases to exist.
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