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Hello, <insert name here>. I am an admin and founder of this wiki. I am the Resident Expert on Worldbuilding and Setting (REWS), so if you need help bringing your backstory to life, that's my department. I can help you design alien solar systems and civilizations.

To-do list[edit | edit source]

While real-life has kept me occupied, I still intend to remain active not just on GC but on the spectrum of all Nexus sites I'm involved in. I've shifted my focus towards having fewer yet higher quality stories to help refine my own style.

Current works in progress[edit | edit source]

Things I have partially finished drafts of.

  • Curse of the Grand Idol (active)- A large scale MC story about a knight with a noble background who ends up serving a cannon fodder militia. I'm unofficially referring to this as a spiritual successor to Dark Prophecy as it's similar in plot, but not exactly. I am actively working on this one, and while I do have a rough cut of the whole story, it still needs a ton of editing.
  • Bara trilogy - Will be getting to this on ET sometime. I've been thinking about ways to improve the backstory and pacing.

Planned stories[edit | edit source]

Stories I haven't started yet.

  • Anathema - An IH story that introduces the Anathema as time eating entities. Also introduces the concept of people gifted with the ability to see other timelines.
  • The Corrupted Light - The origin story of Vernietigen.

Remakes/Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Prophecy (active) - This is one of the wiki's oldest stories and is perhaps the one that the Nexus is most well-known for. It's also the longest story on the whole wiki at roughly 60,000 words, but the story was written almost six years ago, and has shown its age. A story so integral to the foundation of the wiki and the Nexus deserves better and should be updated to reflect how much about writing we've all learned since.

User pages[edit | edit source]

About me[edit | edit source]

I have a variety of interests ranging from video game design to music composition to astronomy. Writing also happens to be among them, particularly worldbuilding. One of the main reasons why Galactic Crucibles was founded was to serve as a means of writing down not only my creations, but allowing others to contribute to a massive shared universe.

If you have any questions about this wiki, I am here to help in any way that I can.

Creations[edit | edit source]

My primary, most detailed creation is the Vaikan who have been in development since 2009, and I have continued adding to them for years. It is the one I have put the most effort into as well as the creation that I've changed the most.

Other creations[edit | edit source]

  • Sinister Hegemony - This is my realistic take on Planet of Hats races. It is largely modeled to be a dystopian society.
  • Ushuru - This is my attempt at something far less humanoid than my other creations.

Influences[edit | edit source]

When it comes to the design of planets, I look to interesting or unique astronomy facts and base entire settings around them. A typical example would be like "How would a civilization survive in a red dwarf system?" Frequently, I look to existing fiction works such as Wayne Barlowe's expedition to see how others might attempt to answer the same question.

I also look for reoccurring patterns in history. I look to a variety of world cultures for inspiration, trying to make each of my creations unique and different from one another.

How to make a star map[edit | edit source]

You may have seen some of those fancy looking maps on the star systems pages. Making them is actually really easy. All you need is just to know how to use Powerpoint.


1. First, start by making a new slide. From the autoshapes, make a black rectangle for the background.

2. Next, make the sun. Use the cirlcle autoshape. Color it however you wish using the fill tool. Make it glow, which should be an option under shape effects.

3. The planets are made in the same way as the sun. I like to give inhabited planets a small blue glow as an indication of its atmosphere. Give it a gradient just for some nice effect. Try to have the sun significantly larger than the planets, and the gas giants bigger than the terrestrial planets.

4. To make the planetary paths, use the circle tool. Increase the weight of the line to make it more defined and choose the option "No Fill" under fill. Now it is transparent. Make these paths as needed.

5. Resize and move around the planets and paths until it fits within the black rectangle background.

6. Lastly, the planets and sun need labeling. Use a text box and change the font color to something other than black. For effect, add an arrow autoshape to point to the planet from the text box. Do this for each object in your star system.

7. Finally, select everything you have created and group it. Right-click on it and save it as a picture. That's all there is to it. I would recommend saving your work somewhere in case you need to edit it later.

Cool stuff[edit | edit source]

Interesting articles[edit | edit source]

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Quick self-notes[edit | edit source]

-Population EIT 950 tril, 851,270,498 ships Regular ratio

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Self notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ideas for Garuda
    • Stromatolite
    • Phytomining
    • Graphite epoxy composites
    • High oxygen environment
    • Low air pressure
    • Garud are the size of a large chicken
    • They mine by collecting globules of metal that congeal after forest fire
    • Garud are scavengers
    • Orange star
    • "In theory, graphite epoxy composites can be used to create towers up to 30km in height on Earth (even higher on a low gravity planet). Perhaps some organic graphite epoxy composite could be used to make trees miles in height. Super forests!"
    • Satellite is an asteroid
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