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Coat of Arms for the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation. My personal insignia.

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Co-Founder and Administrator; Creator of the Karnasaurs and all things relating to them, as labeled by the Karnasaur category. Master of all things scientific, and one of the greatest procrastinators you'll ever meet.

To-Do List[]

  • Complete Lament of the Immortal Colonel
  • Complete Far and Away
  • Complete At the Galactic Gala
  • Add the following to the KMF page:
    • Finish myths
    • Wryms of Yetu
    • Better history
    • Expand on technology
    • Notes from Suppy
  • Add the following to KAF page:
    • Everything from Suppy
      • Designations for weapons/vehicles
    • List og High Generals and Admirals
    • List of Fleets and Legions in active service
    • List of legendary/elite/historical Fleets and Legions
    • Examples of the following:
      • Superb victories by the KAF
      • Devestating failures
        • Asteroid field idea
  • Expand on historical Karnasaurs and events in the KMF
  • Post blog on final planning for the next few story arcs for clarity between the major authors
  • Get a pic of both Etah and a standard Karnasaur
  • Soften Etah/Expand on weaknesses
  • Breath life into Karla as per agreement with Suppy
  • Integrate Asir into stories better
  • Wrap up Renr storyline
  • Plan for Kene-related story arcs
  • Work with Suppy on Mistaken Invasion
  • Create the following pages:
    • Verbum Deus
    • Kene Thes
    • Asir Owar
    • KMF Registry of Worlds
    • List of actively serving vehicles and models in the KAF
    • Pages on KAF models?
  • Sort out details for Multiverse crossover