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General statistics
Status Semi-Retired
Timezone Australian Western Standard Time (UTC +8)
Role Author
Favorite color Green
Language(s) English, Chinese (a little), Japanese (also a little), German (very very little)
Gender Male
Age 15

G'day, Sir/Madam! I'm WikiBuilder1147! I am the creator of several races, the most powerful of them being the Milurian civilisation. Others include the Tsuinaron, Eruption and Muscratite civilisations. Apparently I'm the second Australian to join this wiki. Woohoo!

I work mainly on the Infinite Histories wiki. If you want to contact me, do so on my IH message wall!

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List of my articles[]

If you can't be bothered to visit the category listing my creations, here is a list of all the articles I have written.

Articles I've worked on independently[]

Informational articles[]

  • Milurian - my first creation on this wiki; I'm not as active with it now, but I work on it. Currently retconning its main article and all related ones.
  • Eruption - my second creation on this wiki. I'm fairly active on this one. The Eruption are my third-favourite civilisation that I created.
  • Tsuinaron - my third creation and the one which I spend the most time on. Currently undergoing minor revisions.
  • GhaknralChurachnya and Dsartu  - The Ghaknral don't have a main page yet: just one of their main faction. Same goes for the Churachnya and Dsartu. The three live in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy
  • Loris and the Nokri - Two civilisations that do not yet have pages, but are existent and are undergoing development.  
  • Orlakian and Moxac - These species are my latest creations. They are bitter enemies and live in the Sagittarius Arm



Shared projects[]

This part of the list has links to all of the pages (or categories, depending) that I share with other authors. They are not included in the lists above.

About me[]

I am currently 15 years old and I was born on 17th June. I live in Western Australia and go to high school. I am a Japanese language and Roman history enthusiast (ask me anything you need to know about what would be good Japanese-sounding names, or anything at all about Roman history, if you feel inspired to write about some civilisation somewhat similar to the Romans).

I like all (well, almost all, anyway) music, although I prefer classical. I also play the piano (I'm in the Eighth Grade of the Australian Music Examinations Board) and the trumpet (sorry, no grades there :().

Anyway, I found I had a knack for drawing and creating stories at around age 8, so I started writing, and writing, and writing, (and drawing and painting and doodling, etc.). I accidentally stumbled across this wiki on the 23rd September 2012 (as you can see above) and I decided to join, though I didn't put a pitch on first, by mistake. But, for some reason, I was accepted anyway... XD

To-do list[]

  • Complete Milurian pages and its associates, including creating a page about the First Emperor, Mipratine and Julian Melyurélov
  • Create page about the Muscratite civilisation
  • Create page about the Tsuinaron civilisation
  • Create page about each of the species stated above - (half completed)
  • Create Milurcan inventions page including:
  • Wormhole creator

​Users I know personally[]

What movies I cannot wait for:[]

  • Star Wars sequel trilogy :D
  • Despicable Me 2

20 Weird/fascinating facts you might not know:[]

  • Your eye muscles move 100,000 times a day
  • Squirrels accidentally plant millions of trees
  • Japan gets 1,500 earthquakes a year
  • Cat's pee glows under black light
  • You eat 430 bugs a year
  • Mosquitoes love the colour blue
  • A beaver can cut down 250 trees a year
  • Tigers will use a litter box
  • You see better when you're scared
  • Humans are allergic to mosquito spit
  • You get taller in space
  • Hydrofluoric acid (symbol HF) dissolves glass
  • Human tapeworms can grow up to 22.9 metres (that's around 79.13 ft)
  • You have around 1.86 square metres of skin (that's 20 square feet)
  • Lightning strikes 100 times every second
  • Your body contains enough carbon to fill 9,000 pencils
  • You swallow a litre of mucus (snot) every day
  • You fart a balloon's worth of gas a day
  • You grow 121 ft of hair a day (that's 36.8808 metres)
  • A whale's heart is the size of a small car

Facts from (Science World, Vancouver, Canada)