This recent reunion has lately got me thinking about what to do with all of our stuff so far. As some of you may know, I have user registration on the new site temporarily closed due to spam attacks (just post here if you want to create an account and I'll reenable it). But I've lately been getting ideas on how to reboot the Galactic Crucibles continuity on the new site so that it'll be much more structured and cohesive.

My attempt is to unite as many user creations as I can into a single continuity. That is, combine the Myth Galaxy and Galactic Crucibles settings into one so that we can avoid having any duplicate articles. (Suppy, let me know if you want Tapestry of Stars to be part of this, too.) I don't want to remove too many articles here because I still want to honor the site's 5 year history (8 year if you want to count Spore Fan Fic Wiki). It wouldn't feel right to remove pieces of history. Still, I'm open to changing them around to make sure they fit properly.

I don't have any specific dates as to when I'll actually go about implementing all of this, but after a sudden muse, I came up with this tentative timeline:

Let me know if you want a hand in the construction of this.

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