A wormhole is a corridor in space-time that allows instantaneous travel between two points in space that may be lightyears apart. One way to imagine how wormholes are structured is to fold a piece of paper (space) and draw a circle over a point where two parts of the paper touch.

Wormholes are currently only a scientific conjecture. However, scientists speculate that energy requirements can be made more reasonable giving them more practical uses.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Communication - Microscopic wormholes can be used to transmit signals, overcoming the limitations of the speed of light.
  • Transportation - Microscopic wormholes can transport nanobots with preset instructions. Larger wormholes can transport macroscopic objects across many lightyears.
  • Gravity weapons - A large enough wormhole can be generated within an enemy structure to crush it gravitationally.
  • Interuniversal travel - Wormholes could potentially be used as portals to other universes, but civilization in Omni 01 currently has no such technology as of 2142 AD.
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